Ipad pro & Procreate

During the summer, I got my hands on an iPad pro. I was a bit skeptic to start with, but after trying it it for some few days, I was convinced that this is the best buy I’ve done in some years.

2017-09-21 20.47.52

My earlier frustrations, after being a digital artist, is that I could never handle the sketching process in Photoshop with my wacom tablet. It always felt so hard to do the sketching there. Like I did no have complete control over what I was doing and seeing. The iPad solves that problem for me.

Sketching in the iPad, is like sketching by hand. The best part of it is that I can draw digitally everywhere (except for outside under the sun). There is something that is so freeing, sitting in the couch, sketching digitally. I absolutely love it.
If I’m gonna draw on my iMac in Photoshop, it takes way more effort from me – after spending 8 hours at my day job. It’s not always that tempting to sit down on a chair again.

In other words, the iPad and Procreate makes me draw way more than what I did before I got my hands on it.

The only downside about it, is that I don’t have as much control painting as I do in Photoshop. I think the brushes in Procreate are hard to work around. But in terms of sketching and doing line art (!!!), it’s the perfect tool. Where photoshop can’t help me, the Ipad and procreate can.
The program also has some nice perspective features as well as all your files being Photoshop compatible (with layers even).

Desucon 7 Oslo

Artstand at Desucon 2012

I am attending this years Desucon in Oslo. All the following prints will be inĀ  A4, and the price will be around 60-70 NOK.

If you are not attending Desucon this year, you are welcome to purchase any of these prints as long as you pay for the costs for sending it to you yourself.

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter

Howl’s moving castle

Beauty and the beast


Kahlan Amnell




Original art. Price; 250 NOK. A4.

Under consideration